15 long days without franciso liriano

1twin080806.standalone.jpgIn the midst of our aweosme run at securing the American League Wild Card playoff spot, my lovely Twins may have hit a huge bump in the road. Little Francisco Liriano is about to go on the 15 day disabled list. Considering he’s got the lowest ERA of any pitcher in the American League and is tied for 3rd in strikeouts, despite only starting 15 games since he entered the starting rotation in mid-May, it’s gonna hurt us a bit. And by a bit, I mean a lot.

He only played four innings against the Tigers last night, and completely missed his scheduled start before that due to left elbow sorenes. His July 31st MRI showed no structural damage, which is a relief for 22-year-old Liriano, the Twins, and every Twins fan in the world.

The Twins already called up Matt Garza from AAA today to fill the 5th spot in the Twins pitching rotation that has has absolutely no reliability at all this season. Garza could use some time in the bullpen throwing long relief, just like Liriano did to start the season, but at this point in the season, I guess there’s no time for that.

Either Boof “I suck” Bonser or Scott “I suck also” Baker will be called up to replace Liriano in the rotation. Regardless of which one they choose, it’s going to be a scary, scary situation.

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