joe mauer sells magazines

0807_large.jpgHey, you guys know who my favorite baseball player is, right? C’mon, now. It’s Joe Mauer. You knew that.

Well, homeboy is on the cover of August 7th’s Sports Illustrated. Let’s forget about the Sports Illustrated Cover Jinx for a couple of minutes, because I don’t even want to think about that in the middle of a playoff run.

There’s just a problem with me locating this particular issue of SI. Joe Mauer is from St. Paul, MN. His family still lives here. I live approximately 9 minutes from St. Paul. Everyone and their mother loves Joe Mauer, and therefore, everyone and their mother is digging high and low for a copy of this magazine.

After trips to two Targets, various gas stations, and a Barnes & Noble, I’ve come up dry. My brother drug his non-girlfriend into various stores in Kansas City looking for the same magazine, but got nowhere. Nowhere with the magazine; I doubt nowhere with his non-girlfriend.

I’m going to keep looking, because that is what I do. But if any of the rest of you happened to stumble upon this particular issue, we would totally be BFF if you picked it up for me. I’ll glady reimburse you, and if you’re not local, I would totally pay postage for you to mail it to me.

I just, you know, want it really bad.


  1. It’s his ‘friend’ that he refuses to call his ‘girlfriend’ around my family. It’s probably because with his last girlfriend, we all kind of wanted her to move far, far away.

  2. Leigh

    Hey Wendy? Do you still need a copy of this? I grabbed an extra copy today. It’s your if you want it!

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