slightly overboard, i know

I may have just purchased this collar for Riley. And I may have just purchased it from a site called And I may have also just turned into one of those people.

At first, I was slightly embarassed about it, but then I realized that Riley loves red, so he’ll be more than happy to wear it when it comes in the mail.

I really wanted to get him the shirt that says Player, but it doesn’t come in his size. It only fits dogs up to 32 lbs. What kind of dog that weighs less than 32 lbs can be a true player?

The bath robe with the duck on it didn’t even come in his size.

I’m glad I know how Riley feels not being able to get all of the cool clothes in his size. He and I have so much in common.

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  1. PeeWee

    Does your turtle have one of those t-shirts that say “I’m with Stupid?” for when he is out strolling with the little missus?

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