the list of the weekend


  • Twins game with Bill and Stephanie.
  • Throwing sunflower seeds off the 7th story of a parking garage.
  • Post-game dinner at Kieran’s.


  • Best Buy to pick up Clerks on DVD.
  • Discovered I had a slow leak in a tire.
  • Watched Clerks with Bill and Sean at Sean’s house.
  • Got a new tire instead of getting it patched.
  • Watched Clerks 2 again.
  • Watched High Art.


  • Helped My Gym Buddy™ pack up his moving truck.
  • Went to the Twins game by myself. Which I love doing.
  • Nearly had a heat stroke while waiting for the train.
  • Went back to My Gym Buddy’s™ place to finish helping him.
  • Got home and noticed my dog puked and instantly got paranoid. But he’s fine.
  • Tried to watch Edison Force, but fell asleep.

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