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From Clerks 2:

Dante Hicks: ‘Porch monkey’ is a racial slur against black people!
Randal Graves: Oh it is not! Coon, spook, spade, moolie, jigaboo, nig-nog, those are racial slurs!

From Massachusetts governor Mitt Romney:

The best thing politically would be to stay as far away from that tar baby as I can.

Seriously. But since he used it during a fundraiser for a bunch of Iowa Republicans, I’m sure they weren’t offended.

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  1. Only niggers are offended by the phrase “tar baby.”

    (Yes, I took a risk, possibly offending black folks by saying the n word. But I wanted to demonstrate how some people think – they’ll say racist shit, and then defend it by saying that the offended folks are just too sensitive, or some shit like that. I mean, look at this fucking crap, from the poll on that link… at the time of this posting, 57% of responders do not, not think that “tar baby” is racist. Of course, people like Tony Snow, who also used the tar baby phrase during a press conference this year, think that discrimination/racism isn’t a problem in the U.S. anymore. Funny how it’s always old, white folks who say that, hm.)

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