joe mauer is still my favorite

joe_mauer_inthegame.jpgWe all know how I feel about Joe Mauer, right? He’s a incredible catcher, completely understands the game of baseball, and is a player the Minnesota Twins need/should/will build their future around. His is the only baseball jersey I own, and yes, when picking numbers for softball, I happened to pick the number 7. If you search for Joe Mauer on Flickr, most of the pictures you will see might happen to have come from my camera. We’ve got all that out of the way; I just wanted to be clear.

I’m not the only one that can consider him/herself a Joe Mauer fan. He was scheduled to sign autographs today at a local Best Buy, and by local, I mean less than two miles from my house. Coincidentally enough, I needed to run out this morning and pick up a copy of Clerks on DVD for a scheduled viewing for it today. Of course I would go to Best Buy to get it; where else would I go?

I got there at 11:07. Joe Mauer was scheduled to start signing autographs at 11:00. He wasn’t there yet. Employees were trying to calm down overly panicked patrons that had camped out the night before to be first in line for his autograph. They were assuring everyone he’d called and was on his way. Had I not had previous plans, I may have stuck around. The table he would be sitting at was right across the aisle from the DVD section. Instead, I left. It was 11:17 when I got back out to my car.
As I was completing my transaction with the cashier, she asked me if I was sticking around for Joe Mauer. I told her I didn’t have time for Joe Mauer today.

“I don’t have time for Joe Mauer today.”

I will never utter that sentence again as long as I live.

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