elliott yamin, where did you go?

First, and rightfully so, Taylor Hicks signed his record contract. He won this year’s American Idol, so that seems logical.

Then, because the 2nd place person always gets a record contract, too, Katharine McPhee inked her deal.

And because the world wouldn’t be right if Chris Daughtry wasn’t rocking out under some label, Clive Davis and posse signed him, too.

Today, I come to work, and upon reading my daily news, I find that PICKLER just signed a contract. Pickler. Insert angry noise here.

Where’s my boy Elliott’s contract? Where’s his deal? Where’s HE?


  1. Diz

    E-Dub, hopefully, has a better deal in the works than slave to 19E, but can’t say anything till the tour is up.

    Right?? Right?!?!

    It hasn’t even been a week since I saw the Idols concert and I miss them. Except Pickler. I ran out of the venue during her set.

  2. gayleshort

    I read today that Elloitt said in an interview dated 7/19 that he was waiting for an offer from a record company so that he can put out some R&b, etc. I am too concerned that he has not had an offer and I thought that he couldn’t speak of it. Now I am not so sure.


  3. Nick Cordova

    Talent of his magnitude, after recieving the kind of exposure that as many weeks on prime time bring, cannot go unnoticed. Elliot will get an album cut, that’s easy. People offer to cut albums on me and I’m not even half as good (yet). Once he cuts his album, its success will depend on marketing, and I would’nt be suprised if one of the large companies signs him. Even if he signs with a low budget company, if he writes good music he could still find great success on word of mouth thanks to the internet. He may not sell alot of albums, but he can fill venues and that’s where the money is for the artist anyway. (watch for me next season on American Idol!) Check out my sound at http://www.kSolo.com/soIthinkIcansing. Thanks.

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