suddenly, i don’t want eggs

I eat a lot of eggs and I do so for a couple of reasons. Let’s examine them, shall we?

  1. They are one of the few things I know how to cook.
  2. They contain quite a bit of protein.

But quite possibly no more. CBS is enlisting eggs in its scramble to attract viewers.

More than 35 million eggs will be marked with phrases such as “CSI: Crack the Case on CBS” and “The Class, New Grade-A CBS Comedy” as part of a deal between the CBS Marketing Group and EggFusion, an egg-coding company.

If I go to crack open an egg, only to find a lame pitch for one of 2098 CSI series, I will not be happy. It almost trumps my fear of cracking open an egg to find an unborn chicken fetus.


  1. Gad! I thought I was the only one who feared finding the unborn in the egg! I know someone who it happened to, so it petrifies me every time I do it!

  2. Like it’s not bad enough that they’re advertising on eggs in the first place. The advertising has to be full of bad egg puns, too?

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