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Today was a bad ass day at the gym, although I may be too sore tomorrow to raise my hands above my head.

My benchpressing has been going increasingly well as of late and tonight, I skyrocketed past my personal best.

I did 100lbs for six reps, and followed that with 110lbs for three reps. So awesome.

I forced down 50 ounces of water, before I caved in and convinced myself I needed a real Coke. Then, it was water and apple juice for the rest of the night. Apple juice isn’t ideal, but it’s better than a Coke.

Way too much inattentive dining out last week and entirely too much regular soda almost made my five trips to the gym all for naught, because I only lost 1.5 lbs. I guess it’s 1.5 lbs I won’t have to lose next week, though, so I won’t complain too much.

It was awesome this week to look in my checking account online and see the gym had only deducted $12 from my checking account. My health insurance just switched over to giving me $20 off my monthly membership, as long as I hit the gym eight times a month. This was the first month it took into effect. And I’m excited to say I’ve already been there 8 times this month and it’s only the 17th.

And in order to follow my strict orders of getting 8 hours of sleep tonight, I have to go to bed right this very second.

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