we’re all dating


This is an artist’s rendering of what our table looked like at lunch today. I’m not a very good artist.

Note for readers: nobody at this table is dating. They may have done so in the past or may have wanted to do so in the past, but for now, we were merely eating lunch as four individuals who’d just finished moving Tracy and Mark from one apartment to another.
As Mark was licking the inside of the container that once held his El Diablo sauce, the waitress came back to the table and said something along the lines of “I’ll go ahead and clear some of this stuff out of your way. When I bring the bill, should I go ahead and put it all together or did you want to split it into couples?”

Mark responded with “all together”, which was the perfect answer while she was still standing there.

But when she left, we laughed. Quite a bit. Had we been on our toes and not still zapped from hauling books up stairs (Hello? Who reads anymore?! I kid.), our wit may have escaped our mouths a bit quicker than the appropriate answer in this case.

Mark’s idea was the best. We should have let her split it into couples and tipped her according to her accuracy.

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  1. The biggest tip would have been for Wendy, Tracy and I together as a menage with Eric as our pervy, voyeur friend.

    Just kidding.

    No. Really.

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