the weekend of not so wonderful

The best weekend ever continues! I went to workout today with My Gym Buddy™. And I almost cried as we were leaving because he said he has to cancel his membership. He’s moving to Bangor, ME. SAD! I knew he and his girlfriend were going to eventually move there, but holy damn, I thought it would be, you know, NEVER or something. From the sounds of it, they’re packing up and heading northeast at the end of this month. I guess it gives me a reason to visit Maine and knock that state off my list.

The workout was most excellent, though. Nobody was in the gym, so we just got to screw around. And my screw around, I mean take our time and do every single machine if we wanted. I will not be walking well tomorrow, but we’re going back anyway, to hopefully do it again. I WISH I HAD MY GYM BUDDY™’S DRIVE.

I stocked up on groceries at Super Target and picked up a measuring tape, so I can start measuring the guns. My friend Jon (I just realized I have way too many friends named Jon) is trying to bulk up, so we’re going to compare the size OF OUR GUNS.

While waiting for the elevator in my building so I could push my grocery cart full of, well, groceries into my apartment to unload them, the guy with pink hair that was also waiting notice the blender in my cart I’d just purchased. “Ah, margaritas tonight, huh?”

“No, not really,” I said. “But it’d be a good day for them.”

“Smoothies, then?” he asked as we got into the elevator and both pushed our floor buttons.
“Uh, sure,” I only halfway lied. It’s for protein shakes, actually, but I didn’t feel like sharing that much with my new friend.

“You know, I have a book up in my apartment on how to make smoothies. You should check it out. It’s really great. It tells you everything you need to know. You’d be amazed at how many smoothie options there are!”

“Well, um, yeah. I’ll have to check that out sometime.”

“Okay! Apartment 208! Second floor, down the hall!” he shouted at me as I pushed my cart out of the elevator probably a little too fast.

“Okay!” I replied, trying to portray as much enthusiasm as possible with my answer.

But seriously. I’m not going to apartment 208 to borrow a smoothie book. That scares me.

And, finally for now, as I was unloading my grocery jackpot, the power went out in half my apartment complex. Now, I have no air conditioning and no functioning ‘fridge. I do, however, have power to my TV, computer, and dining room overhead light. The best thing ever? Since my smoke detector is powered by electricity and since it has no power right now, it’s been going off non-stop since 6:47PM. IT’S SO AWESOME I COULD CRY.

I wanted to go to the Basilica Block Party in Minneapolis tonight, but I can’t really leave my dog in a hot apartment for hours. I wanted to see Train kind of a lot.

Tomorrow, provided my power is fully functional, I’m going to the gym and to a Lynx game with Erica.

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  1. You missed so much NOTHING at the Train show. It was so shitty that even BFK ditched out early. They had a shity setup and it was filled with fratkids and it was hot and shitty. And they sounded shitty and they played the shitty Meet Virgina.

    So don’t feel bad at all. Honestly.

  2. Desi

    Did you check the circuit breakers? My old apartment used to do that all the time and usually I just had to go flip a breaker. And in that stupid apartment, all of the breakers were in the basement.

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