i seriously love him so much

me & riley - 09.25.06Remember when I got this little guy back in September? And how cute and little he was? And how much I love him? And how much I still do? Just remember all of that.

The receptionist at my vet’s office knows my voice. The conversation I just had with her went a little something like this.

“Hi, this is Lindsey. How can I help you?”

“Hi Lindsey. I think my dog may have a UTI. Should I bring him in for that?”

“Definitely. Can I ask what the symptoms are?”

“Well, he’s been peeing every two hours, and it doesn’t matter where he’s at – he doesn’t have time to tell me. He just goes. Inside or out.”

“Oh wow. Yeah, that could be a UTI. Or he could be regressing in his potty-training.”


“This is for Riley, right? With the insurance program you have, a urinalysis will be $117.19. Since dogs don’t go on comment, they’ll have to extract it directly from his bladder. Is he just going all over the house?”

“Well, yes. In fact, I woke up this morning and there was pee in my bed. I’m pretty sure it wasn’t me.”

In any case, we’re on pee patrol now. If it doesn’t clear up, we’re taking a trip to the vet on Monday. Along with our scheduled appointment on Thursday.

And I’m doing multiple loads of laundry due to an increase in dog piss around my apartment. This has suddenly turned into the best weekend ever!


  1. No reason you can’t follow him around with a pie pan. I’ve done it. More than once. Beats the heck out of the alternative, not to mention it’s much cheaper, only takes your time.

    My “baby” Hanna, pees on command. That’s the benefit of a winter puppy.

  2. Candi

    “In fact, I woke up this morning and there was pee in my bed. I’m pretty sure it wasn’t me.””


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