superman returns: the review!

I saw “Superman Returns” this weekend. I honestly wasn’t all that excited when the hype was going around about it. For some reason, I always think that I don’t care about superheroes and the movies made about them. With the exception to the rule being Halle Berry’s version of “Catwoman“, I’ve honestly loved every single comic book hero movie I’ve ever seen. “Superman Returns” was no different.

Because we always go see a movie when I’m in town, Rick, Brooke, and I went to see a matinee showing of it this past weekend. It was more than worth by $6.25 admission and $5 gallon jug of Mountain Dew. But I didn’t realize that until after about the first 20 minutes, which were so painfully slow they had me nodding off to sleep.

Once the movie got the information overload out of the way, so everyone could catch up to what was going on, I was wide-awake and overly jacked up about Superman flying all over the place, saving everyone’s day.

Brandon Routh did an awesome job as Superman. I’ve never seen any of the original Superman movies in their entirety, but I couldn’t imagine someone else like James Caviezel (he played Jesus in “The Passion of the Christ“), who really wanted the role, or Nicholas Cage, who was originally cast in the Tim Burton version of the film that eventually went nowhere. The movie needed someone new, some fresh blood, if you will. It would have been like having the kid from “Jerry Maguire” play Harry Potter – you just don’t want to make the connection of the most amazing superhero in the world to some actor you’d seen in a previous movie.

Kevin Spacey did a phenomenal job as the creepy bad guy Lex Luthor, but when doesn’t he hit the role right on the head? I only remembered Kate Bosworth from “Win a Date with Tad Hamilton“. Keeping that in mind, I was pleased with her performance as Lois Lane. The kid that plays Jason is adorable, but I don’t expect to see him around much longer. If they go on with more sequels to “Superman Returns”, which I really hope they do, they can’t very well justify whey the kid’s growing so fast between movies. Hollywood sucks that way.

In any case, “Superman Returns” has found itself on my list of movies to buy, which seems to be getting shorter and shorter these days. Go see it. If you hate it, there’s something wrong with you. Seriously.


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