pink concert at first ave

I have a history with Pink – the incredible artist, not the disgusting color. In blog archives that aren’t available right now, I know there as a very involved debate probably five years ago in the comments of an entry I wrote about who was more awesome at the time – Jennifer Lopez or Pink. (Pink, I’m sorry I ever put you in the same class as J-Lo. But I was young and dumb!) Then, she had a concert back in 2002 that I really wanted to go to, but couldn’t because I was in a wedding the very same weekend. When I saw she was coming to First Ave tonight, there wasn’t a doubt in my mind that I would be there.

Pink Pink

First Ave is one of the best places I’ve ever seen a concert. Think about it – a former Greyhound bus depot turned into the backdrop of Prince’s Purple Rain? What’s not to love about that?

Given the best venue in town for someone that has the kind of vocals Pink does, I was entranced by her entire set. From the new stuff on her latest album I’m Not Dead to some of her awesome old school stuff like “There You Go”, she threw in a ton of stuff from her sophomore album M!ssundaztood. She even rocked it out a with a rendition of “What’s Up“, originally done by 4 Non Blondes.

She saved my favorite part for the encore – just her and the best acoustic guitar. On some awards show a while back, I saw her sing “Trouble” with nothing but the guitar. It was raw in a really good way, and I searched high and low for a place I could download it.

While she’s an energy-filled firecracker and so much fun to watch when she’s rocking out to “Stupid Girls” or “Get This Party Started”, I enjoy her just as much when she shows the audience just a little bit of her vulnerability during the songs where her voice is what stands out, and not the jumping and rocking and dancing and all that other good stuff.

I love Pink. I’m so glad I could catch this concert. If she ever comes here again, I’ll be sure to be at that concert, too. It always makes me happy when I get psyched out of my skin to go see someone I love perform and then I’m even more psyched after the concert’s over.

For your entertainment, YouTube has this video up of a live performance of “Dear Mr. President” and also the “Stupid Girls” video that you must see right this very second.


  1. Any time you want to go see Pink again, give me a call! I promise I’ll listen to all of her music before I go next time. I’ll be that crazy lady in the front row who knows every word for every song!

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