all out of excuses

June 12. That’s the last time I was at my haven that is the gym. Can someone say lazy ass?

I’ve done some walking with friends and with the dog, so I guess I haven’t been absolutely sedentary. And see? This is how it starts. I start approving of little excuses like, “Well, I won’t go to the gym today. I’ll walk Riley Pants instead.” How does a 30 minute casual walk where I stop every 10 minutes while my dog eats grass compare to 45 minutes of heavy cardio following half an hour of weight work? It doesn’t. But in my head, it gets me out of making the 1.5 mile drive to my gym.

For a while, I was able to prioritize my life – both social and professional – by making sure A TRIP TO THE GYM was included on my to-do list to do every day.  Somehow, over the course of the past two weeks, it’s fallen down to the bottom of the list even below laundry. You know it’s bad when it’s below laundry.

Going to the gym before work? Not an option. I know how much I struggle to get up just to go to work.

The earliest I can get to the gym after work is 6:15pm. I work until 5:30. Then, I have to go home, take my puppy out for a bit, then I can head a couple of blocks over to sweat my ass off. I usually get home by 7:30 or 8:00 depending on how much talking I do with My Gym Buddy™. I take my dog out again for a longer walk, it’s usually 9pm before I can get in for the night.

More than anything, I’m just absolutely frustrated with myself. I jumped on the workout wagon like gangbusters, and promptly fell off that wagon with just as much gusto. I let everything else get in the way of what should be the most important thing to me — me.

And now I have to wait even longer before I can sell tickets to the gun show.


  1. I SO understand. Why do we do this to ourselves? I think not everybody is meant to be that one lady at the gym, the one who goes every day at the same time and hasn’t missed a workout since 1978.

    One thing I do to kick myself in the butt is remind myself how great I feel after I workmout, and that I’ve never been sorry when I’ve gone to the gym, but I’ve been sorry when I didn’t.

    And hey, June 12th really wasn’t all that long ago. You’ll get back into it.

  2. We bought our own treadmill and elliptical and set them up in front of a TV/VCR/DVD because I knew otherwise there would be no way I would go to a gym, especially after walking my dog every night. Yeah, it’s a lot of money invested, but I watch all my favorite shows/movies while working out, so it really saves time. I don’t watch any TV or movies sitting on the couch anymore.

    P.S. I loved your gun show joke. :D

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