we call them the bitch socks for a reason

The manager of the Chicago White Sox, Ozzie Guillen, referred to Chicago Sun-Times columnist Jay Mariotti as a fag, amongst other not-so-nice terms for being gay. But Guillen insists he didn’t mean to offend anyone. Apparently, in Venezuela, fag isn’t a derogatory word. Besides…

Guillen also told Couch that he has gay friends, attends WNBA games, went to a Madonna concert and plans to go to the Gay Games in Chicago. [link]

Dude. Ozzie. Are you serious? Attending WNBA games and going to a Madonna concert don’t exactly give you the fag card to be waving around, pal.

I get that Mariotti can be kind of a douchebag, just by reading some of his articles, but let’s call him a douchebag. Fag is way overused, and douchebag is funnier. And when I hear a Major League Baseball manager call someone a douchebag, I laugh. A lot. When I hear them call someone a fag, I just get angry. And you won’t like me when I’m angry.


  1. As you know, I call them the White Sux. And I have a t-shirt that says it too. ;) he’s an idiot and it’s been brewing since at least last year. I do believe he called someone else a fag last season, but nooooo, we can’t get all pissy over a manager who is actually winning. OK…rant over.

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