the power of 2

Remember when I said Rosie O’Donnell was posting pictures on her Flickr account just for me?

Well, you can’t convince me that she’s not!!

I just finished her book a couple of days ago*. She didn’t mention anything about loving the #2. Then again, I’m sure she’s writing a book now solely dedicated to how much she loves the #2 and my dreams will be shattered. Or not even close.

I will admit the fact that she blogs is amazingly awesome. It’s not because her posts are the most phenomenal pieces of written work in the world; it’s because her posts are real and true. And not boring pieces of crap like other famous bloggers write.

So, yeah.
* For those keeping track, yes, I’ve been reading books. Real books! Granted, I’ve been reading them in the bathroom, but I have to start somewhere!

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  1. Desi

    I love her blog! Her writing took some getting used to, but I generally like what she says, and now I like the way she says it. Also, she’s a good photographer so her header pictures are always interesting. I may have to start watching the View, just to see her and Elizabeth I-can’t-think-but-I-can-spout-Republican-Talking-Points-in-my-sleep” Hasselbeck… chat.

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