adorable can’t even describe it

I took Little Gay Riley Fancy Pants into the doctor yesterday to follow up on his ripped toenail situation to decide if it needed to be removed or not. Good news is that it’s a-okay, and Riley Pants will be able to have pedicures again once the nail grows back out.

We were waiting in Room 4 for our turn with the doctor and Riley was getting impatient. I was trying to occupy him by letting him jump on me and scratching his head, when the doctor came in and said, “There’s my boyfriend!”

That prompted him to jump down off me, and trot his wiggly self over to her where he instantly lifted up his left paw so the doctor could inspect his damaged nail. And he stood there patiently until she was done looking at it.

I know everyone says dogs don’t know things like that or can’t remember things like that, but it’s so hard to believe that sometimes!