the pinnacle of excitement

My weekend has been so overwhelmingly exciting that I don’t think you can handle it. However, the amount of sleep I’ve gotten over the past three days will surely last me for a while, and you know, some good old fashioned lazy ass sleeping was kinda what I needed.

I went to go see The Break Up yesterday, just to get me out of the house. Otherwise, I’ve been working. Like seriously working. I was out of the office Monday through Thursday last week training, so I got absolutely nothing done.

I worked from home on Friday with the whole Riley toenail situation, which ended up making my work day start at 10:00 and lasting until around 7pm or so. Super productive, yes, but not productive enough to make me feel like I’m caught up from the week training. So today is another marathon work day.
I honestly need to come up with some top secret plan to convince my boss to allow me to work from home. I’m so super productive and I work like 13 hour days and don’t even notice it. I’m sure that wouldn’t exactly be healthy after a while, but at least I could work in my pajamas all day long, and get copious amounts of work done.

Iin any case, I don’t think I have any reason to venture out of the house today… unless you count making sure my dog has food and I’m at the gym as reasons to get out of the house. Which I probably should.

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