since i never remember my camera anymore

I shall steal pictures from others to show what I did last night.

After the Twins swept the Sawx, I joined The Posse at Tony Jaro’s River Garden to continue on with The Greenie Century. This is where we drink 100 “Greenies” in the span of a month between all of us. Greenies are green. Apparently, they’re vodka sours with something that turns it green and some special powder Danny the Bartender stirs into it. Yes, they’re special. And they make pink ones, too. Called Pinkies. Cute.

I was only there for a short time, but Cindi gave Matt and I matching sailor tattoos that refer to our love of Greenies and the Gun Show we both put on.

Then I drank some coffee (probably my first coffee ever that wasn’t from Starbucks or Caribou and had whipped cream of some sort on the top) and ate some Tex Mex (that seemed like a really good idea at the time) at the Uptown Diner.

(Thanks to Bill, Cindi, and Jenni for the pictures!)


  1. […] by Wendy on 06/24/2006 om 11:03 catagorized: Friends, Photos The Greenie Century, an event in which we consume 100 Greenies in the month of June, was completed last night. A week early. We’re overachievers. Again, I forgot my camera, which was probably wise. If my count is correct, I think there were 17 people there last night, so achieving our goal was a complete no-brainer. […]

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