jenni’s birthday celebration phase I – complete

One would think that a drink called “Fruit Loops” is a bad idea and you would probably be right. However, I seemed to think it would go well with pad thai last night – and it did. It just didn’t go so well with the three beers and slippery nipple afterwards. You really haven’t lived until you can convince the waiter to do a slippery nipple shot with us, just so we can have the privilege of ordering a bakers’ dozen of them.

And where else could I hang out on the roof top of a seafood restaurant in the trendiest part of Minneapolis holding my own gun show with my ripped biceps and arm wrestling the birthday girl?

Acting out our favorite scenes in “Little People, Big World”, trying to get 86’ed from, and sharing tender moments under the stars with several of the most awesome people I know pretty much makes for a complete evening.

We continue Jenni’s birthday celebration by heading to a cabin “up north” for the weekend. I now feel like a true Minnesotan since I’m “heading north” on a Friday night. No internet access and no cell phone signals for a whole weekend? Someone will probably die.

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  1. PeeWee

    I hope some of the acting from Little People Big World included some BB Gun shooting and falling down from the kickback of the gun. Hee.

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