typical monday morning list

  • After our garage sale this weekend and a few other donations, Team Boobylicious has raised $22,075 towards our $30K goal. At last check, we were 12th out of 300+ teams in fundraising and #4 in per member donations. Yes, we’re awesome. I’m $85 from my $2500 goal. Super awesome.
  • Went for a walk with Jenny Friday night in Minneapolis. We took our cameras, because that is what we do! Here are the pictures.
  • I spent over an hour at the gym yesterday by myself, split between the recumbent bike and the crosstrainer. I kept thinking I was tired, but then remembered that I was at the gym for a reason, so I kept adding a two or three more minutes as time ran down. It felt awesome.
  • I hate the President. My head started throbbing when I read parts of his bullshit radio address where he tries to justify the constitutional amendment that would ban same-sex marriages. It makes me want to never marry someone of the opposite sex intentionally, just because.
  • Maybe my head is throbbing because I haven’t had any caffeine since Saturday night.
  • FitDay.com? Probably my new best friend for a while, assuming I’ll stick with updating it and not abandon it like I do everything else in my life.
  • I’m camping this weekend. And by camping, I mean staying in a cabin. It’s my first vacation-type thing that hasn’t involved crashing at someone else’s house who just happens to be in the town I’m visiting. I’M REALLY EXCITED. I’m in charge of jello shots so far. I knew that talent would come in handy!
  • Little Riley FancyPants had his professional photo shoot Saturday afternoon. He was super hot, so he was panting the whole time. All but about 3 of his pictures were with his mouth wide open. I should have copies of some sort in three weeks. Expect great cuteness.

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