the stars know me so well

My horoscope today:

No matter how hard you try to stay focused, others seem to distract you from your chores. As the day progresses, you might just decide to leave your obligations unfinished so you can pursue your weekend plans a bit early. Don’t be hard on yourself if you feel irresponsible. You aren’t escaping, just postponing; you will still have to complete your work later on.

This isn’t really just my daily horoscope, but more like my lifelong one. And it is escaping. And I like it.

My Google calendar says I’m busy all weekend. There’s the gym and a quick run to the vet to pick up more drugs for Rileypants tonight. Tomorrow is finishing up our 3 Day garage sale tomorrow, a professional photo shoot with Rileypants, and a birthday party for Eric. Sunday says it’s time for the Grand Old Day parade and a trip to the gym. Neato.

I very much want to see The Break Up. The reviews are horrible, from what I’ve read, but they haven’t discouraged me from going to see it one bit. I think, as a justice to all of you who read this, I should go see it tonight just so I can properly review it for you. I’m nice like that.

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