i’m more awesome than tony robbins

Watch me whine real quick.

I bought new shoes a couple of months ago. It was, to make an extremely long story short, a huge ordeal and I ended up ordering them online. I know it’s my own fault for ordering shoes without trying them on first, but it seemed like a good idea at the time.

I haven’t been 100% happy with those shoes, and to walk 60 miles in a pair of shoes, I better be extra happy.

Yesterday during the six-mile AIDSWalk, I wore a different pair of shoes. And then the day before that, I went to the zoo, and carried a 4-year-old on my shoulders for quite some time. The end result? Some lower back pain. It’s nothing new; it’d just kept dormant for a while. Maybe like nine months or even more. I was happy.

The 3 Day walk has turned me into something I never thought I’d be. Conscientious and magnanimous about my body’s needs and demands. While two years ago, I would have assumed a sore back meant I should be a lazy ass and just watch TV all night long with a pint of ice cream resting happily on my boobs, I now know it means I should go to the gym and work the rest of my muscles, while doing some stretching for the lower part of my back.

And when I get back, I will show you incriminating photos of the little whore dog Gretchen that lives five apartments down from mine and shits all over the place. Gretchen’s whore owners don’t do anything about her little shit piles either, which results in nasty notes from the apartment complex about all dog owners.

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