a.i.: you know my name is elliot yamin

Oh, Elliott. I love you. The Internet loves you (or at least Y does). I hope the rest of the phone-dialing world loves you, because I could only get in three times tonight. But, Elliott, I want you to know those three times were with so much love and admiration that they should have counted as 30,291,670 votes. And if they don’t, I’ll start a petition and all that stuff. I promise.

So, the final three.

Clive Owens picks a song for each of them, then it’s the judges turn, and finally each contestant gets to pick his/her own song. Simple enough. Ready, set, go.

Elliott “My Best Friend” Yamin – He draws the #1 spot for the night and begins with “Open Arms” by Journey. Now, I realize Clive Owens is an amazing professional at what he does, but why the hell did he pick a song that belongs on a douche and/or birth control patch commercial for Elliott? I can’t ever listen to this song anyway, because I had a date about seven years ago where the guy sang it to me on the way to the movies while in his car. On our first date. Not cool, jackass. I have a feeling you’re still singing Journey songs to girls you meet on the internet the very first time you see them.

Back to Elliott. Because he’s what matters. Open Arms isn’t a fancypants song. The bad news? It could get boring. The good news? Elliott won’t let that happen because that funky white boy throws in some of his own runs and a little bit of his own Jewish flava.

His second song of the night is “What You Won’t Do For Love” and Paula’s responsible for sticking him with that song. She says she wants Elliott to win, so you would think she’d pick a song that more people have heard. Popular songs, as long as people can pull them off like we all know Elliott could have, score points! It fits his voice perfectly, but nobody is surprised about that.  The thing with Elliott? He can sing anything you throw his way. Seriously.

He closes out his performances by his own song choice of “I Believe to My Soul”, originally done by Ray Charles, except Elliott is gonna do the Donnie Hathaway version of the song. Elliott’s done a Donnie Hathaway song before and did an awesome job on it. And now I love him even more.

The original lyrics: ” Last night you were dreaming and I heard you say “Oh, Johnny” when you know my name is Ray” .

Elliott’s version: ” Last night you were dreaming and I heard you say “Oh, Nelly” when you know my name is Elliott Yamin”

I love that Elliott compares himself to Nelly. Okay, maybe he’s not, but you never know with this funky white boy. He does a great job with his 3rd song, too. I could be biased, though. The judges point out that when picking a song like this, not a lot of people can connect with it because they don’t know it. It’s a very valid point; I just hope it’s not true.

Katharine “Hold On I Have To” McPhee -  Clive picks an R Kelly song for Kat to sing in “I Believe I Can Fly”. I would have much rather seen her do “Bump & Grind” or the remix of “Ignition”, but that’s why I’m not sitting where Clive Owens is sitting right this very second. I’m in my 2 bedroom suburban apartment trying to convince myself I should go to bed, so I can get up in time for my 830-530 job tomorrow morning. Clive is probably smokin’ a fat one with Ryan Seacrest and throwin’ dice with his own Dawg Pound.

The song is good, and is an easy choice for her. It’s a big song, though, that should invoke a lot of emotion when performed correctly. The only emotion drawn out of me after listening to Kat sing was boredom. And really, that’s not even an emotion, is it? In any case, I didn’t think the song was at all where it should be for such an important night on stage. I am, however, slightly entertained that Kat tells the judges they’ve been hard on her the past couple of weeks. Um, maybe that’s because you’re not leading the pack in talent anymore, Sunshine. Just a guess.

Simon picks “Somewhere Over the Rainbow” for Kat to sing. This is another huge song that can either be blown out of the water with awesomeness or suck so bad it makes Elliott’s precious mom blow chunks. At first, I thought she was going completely without accompaniment a la Bo Bice from last year. And to top it off, she was sitting on the ground. I’m just glad she wasn’t crawling around like she was when she sang the song about the tree and didn’t wear any shoes. Again, this song should be huge and again, Kat just wasn’t at the level she needed to be to ramp up her game to level of the next American Idol.

She chooses “I Ain’t Got Nothing But the Blues” for herself, because she doesn’t want anyone to compare her to the singers of today. Um, sweetheart, if you want to be the next American Idol, that’s what people are going to compare you to. The song is just really awkward for me. It is in her element, I’ll give her that, but it’s not something anyone else is really drawn to. Except her adorable crybaby dad.

Taylor Hicks -  I’ve liked this guy all along.  I don’t really like watching him sing if he’s not hopping around, because he always looks like he’s in too much pain.  In any case, though, I will be buying any type of CD  that hits the shelf with his name on it.  Clive gets special permission from The Boss himself to let Taylor sing “Dancin’ in the Dark”. This was the first music video I ever remember seeing.  I think it would have been almost as entertaining as the original if someone other than Paula Abdul wouldn’t have danced with Taylor.  As usual, Taylor really rocked it out with the performance. He had so much fun and drew absolutely everybody  into the performance with him.  That type of showmanship isn’t really something that can be taught either. Taylor’s  really got something going good.

I don’t think Randy could have picked a better song than Joe Cocker’s “You Are So Beautiful” for Taylor. What an amazing performance. Taylor didn’t oversing and he conveyed awesome emotion when singing the song. Other than his usual painstricken looking self, he just sang the melody and did it incredibly. This, in my opinion, was his best performance of the season. It was a perfect song choice and a near perfect performance. This type of music is right up Taylor’s alley.

And, naturally, leave it to Taylor to pick the perfect song for himself, too, with Otis Redding’s “Try a Little Tenderness”. It started out slow and somewhat wobbly for me, but no sooner did that thought cross my mind did Taylor pick up the pieces and put everything back together almost flawlessly.  Another knockout performance by this boy.

With last week’s result show in the back of my mind, I can’t even begin to guess who is safe and who is going home. If I had to pick, I would say it will be Elliott and Taylor in the finale two, simply based on consistency and overall talent.

I’m scared. Someone please hold Elliott.


  1. I hope it’s Taylor and Elliott, but I have a feeling it’ll be Taylor and Katharine. Blah. Elliott got screwed with song choice, both by Clive and Paula. The song he chose was the only decent one, although he did a good job with what he had.

    I’ve been listening to those Taylor original MP3s for the past week, and they’re so damn good.

    I want Taylor and Elliott to record a duet. They could be the modern funky white boy version of Sam & Dave.

  2. Y

    I want to email Elliot and ask him if I can cook Mexican food for him. And then, I’ll come pick you up and we’ll go to the park together and oh, how we’ll laugh whilst skipping to the playground.

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