i’m getting bad about these lists

  • Lists have been easy for me, because I don’t have a great deal of content on absolutely anything but white rappers, American Idol, and baseball. None of which appeal to me right this very second.
  • Riley had a visit to the groomer tonight. He smells like a girl now. This is 23 times better than his previous scent – dirty ass.
  • I went to a dance recital on Saturday and thorougly enjoyed it. It was 1.5 hours of little kids. You’d enjoy it too or you’d have no soul.
  • I cooked dinner again tonight – chicken (like IN the oven!) and cottage cheese. I’m all about protein.
  • Season finale of How I Met Your Mother? YAY! Although, I don’t think it could have ended any other way.
  • Survivor finale? I figured the result would be what it was once it was down to the final two. I might write more about that tomorrow.
  • I have a strict bedtime of 11:00 this week. Or at least tonight. My iron count’s been super lately (not that I had it tested, but I’m guessing, because I’ve been so damned tired and groggy and fatigued), and I need to supplement my iron supplements with some supplemental sleep. I like the word supplement. It makes me think of Rumplemint. Or however else you spell that alcoholic drink that tastes like shit.

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