minnesota twins: the cheapest/poorest team in baseball

The Minnesota Twins are getting closer and closer to getting things rolling for building a new stadium. We need one. The Metrodome, where the play now, is shared with the Minnesota Freakshow Vikings, sometimes the Minnesota Gopher’s football teams, and even rollerblading around the concourse level when there aren’t any games scheduled. The Twins have been playing under their currnet teflon cover since 1982.
Being in Minnesota, it would be ideal to have a dome like we have now, but better yet? A retractable roof like the one the Milwaukee Brewers play under. This is actually part of the Senate’s plan in passing the current bill to build a new stadium. I’ve been to Miller Park a couple of times, and it’s absolutely fabulous. You still get the feeling that you’re outside, but in April and/or October, Minneapolis is prone to feet of snow. Not exactly ideal baseball playing weather, no?

As it turns out, though, a roof isn’t an option with the new stadium. The StarTribune reports “the cost and construction delays would be too much to bear.”

“We’d like to have a roof. We’d also like to have Derek Jeter and Alex Rodriguez,” (Twins Sports Inc. president Jerry) Bell said. “But we cannot afford them.” [link]

Tony Batista and Nick Punto. That’s what we have instead.

So, I’m thinking if the Senate and House of Representatives would pass a bill that would allow us to get Derek Jeter (even though I hate him) and Alex Rodriguez instead of a stadium with a retractable roof, I would so be down with that.

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