it’s war, major networks

I’m a loyal Survivor fan. LOYAL, I tell you. The finale is this coming Sunday. The final hour of the finale is during Desperate Housewives’ second to last show of the season. Not acceptable.

I’m a one Tivo household without a VCR. I guess I can always download the episode of Desperate Housewives from iTunes or something, right? Not watching it is not an option, because (brace yourself for this…) OHMIGOD I will die if I miss an episode where Susan and Mike have even more chemistry than they do in each and every prior episode.

I have a feeling that my overwhelming obsession with the mangled love stories in Desperate Housewives pushes me toward the scary realm of Girly Girl (or Gay Man), but I’m certain my obsessions with Fantasy Baseball, Pinball, and White Rappers certainly counteract.