american idol: everyone sings elvis

While I don’t really care if she doesn’t win the whole thing, am I the only one that kind of feels like Katharine McPhee got the big fat shaft with this week’s theme? To be fair, and considering Tommy Mottola was the big guy doing the critiquing, I think a Mariah Carey night would have been just as even. Plus, Chris would have looked wicket hot in one of Mariah’s little numbers and his boxer briefs. Ew.

Taylor Hicks – This theme was made for him, couldn’t you say? He starts it off with “Jailhouse Rock”, which was as expected – just about over the top. This is his style of music, so I’m sure picking a song for him was very easy. He rocked it out during “Jailhouse Rock” – he was excited, and as always, got the crowd excited. The actual performance, though, didn’t show us anything we didn’t already know about Taylor. He can be wild and crazy and just lets the music take control.

His second song, “In the Ghetto”, was the perfect compliment to his antics during “Jailhouse Rock”. I’m glad Tommy Mottola told him to calm it down with this one. In previous performances when Taylor’s had to calm things down, he really looks like he’s in pain. With this song, he was still feeling in the element and the end result was an awesome performance. This is one of the very few times when I’ve actually wanted to vote for him because he did such a great job.

Chris Daughtry – He starts with “Suspicious Minds.” But not until he tells us he wears boxer briefs, and I’m glad to see Ryan Seacrest was as uncomfortable as me. And personally, I would have pegged him as a tighty whitey type of guy. I really enjoyed this performance, but didn’t love it like other songs he’s done. Without the screaming, it made me realize how much I do really like Chris. It was good; it just wasn’t his best performance ever. Theoretically, I would hope that it’s not that far of a stretch for him to do a non-screaming performance, but really, it’s always seemed like it.

“A Little Less Conversation” is his second song and I can really pay attention to him. I’m too busy thinking about Jon Peter Lewis convulsing all around the stage when he did it a couple of years ago. Was it better vocally? No, but it was a ton more entertaining. While Chris doesn’t lacky any skill at all in the vocal department, I wish he’s be more entertaining or interactive or something. It was good, at least better than his first song, but I think I may have also caught a couple of moments in this song where you could really tell his voice was getting tired. That could spell trouble for him in the next couple of weeks, provided he makes it past this week.

Elliott Yamin – Not only do I love Elliott, but I love his mom, too. He starts with “If I Can Dream” and admits to the camera that he picked this song to let people see his Love Me Tender side a little bit more. I couldn’t really recgonize this song, but I still liked listening to Elliott throw some of his soul flavor into an Elvis song. He was good and he was confident, and he’s really starting to work the crowd and the judges. I just hope it isn’t too late for him.

“Trouble” is his second song of the night. I’ve never said I was the biggest Elvis fan in the world, but you’d think I’d at least be familiar enough with most of these songs. Not the case with Elliott’s selections! It doesn’t matter, though, because he rocks it out again. He’s so smooth tonight. Coming into tonight’s show, everyone knew Elliott was the underdog, meaning he would have to perform his ass off tonight. And guess what? He totally did. And he totally looked relaxed about the whole thing! I’m nervous for him, simply because he was in the bottom two last week. I tried voting for him, but just got busy signals all night long. I hope, hope, hope that’s a good sign for my boy. Plus, I have $2500 riding on it. (Just kidding.)

Katharine McPhee – While it’s not entirely fair that an Elvis theme gets thrown into the mix when the contestants are down to the final four, I think she could have done a little better job on song choice. She starts off with some concoction of “Hound Dog” and “All Shook Up”. She says it’s because a lot of Elvis’ songs sound the same. Yeah, well, all of Chris Daughtry’s songs kind of sound the same, but we just don’t go mixing them all together. Her performance reminded me of someone desperate to make into the final 12, not someone that’s had just about flawless performances every week from the getgo. She forgot her words midway through to one of the most popular Elvis songs in the world. She looked absolutely uncomfortable and robotic when she was jittering around the stage. It was not not not one of her best performances at all. In fact, I don’t even think her dad was crying at the end of this one.

She rounded out the show with “Can’t Help Falling in Love”, which everybody in the world knows. I like what Tommy Mottola said – she can sing the songs with such ease that she forgets to convey the emotions that were felt when the song was actually written and originally performed. She may have been able to convince Tommy that she was feelin’ it, but when it came time to peform? I didn’t feel it so much. It’s such a beautiful song, but her performance of it was really monotone and boring. That’s the best way I know how to describe it.

Bottom two: Katharine and Chris (?) – By all rights, Katharine should go home. But with America and their jacked up voting tendencies in absolutely any fashion, we could all be in trouble.

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