the weekend of awesome

So. There was a party Friday night. I mentioned that. What I haven’t mentioned yet is how unbelievably awesome it was. There was piñata bashing, moonshine, shots of said moonshine, me bartending, awesome drinking games, people in a pile on the floor five deep, catching up with awesome current friends, making awesome new friends, playing awesome drinking/car games, making out, giggling, and sober-cabbing two of the awesome new friends home. Yeah, it was the best party I’ve been to in a long time for various reasons.

Yesterday, I slept in until late, aside from text-messaging someone from the night before a few times. I went to a focus group thing, which paid me a cool $55 for listening to two hours of music clips. I played fetch with my dog in the hockey rinks across the street. Then, the best part? BBQ for the first time this spring.  Yeah, damn good stuff.

Here’s the deal – I have an awesome camera (the Canon S1 IS) that I love for quality pictures and zooming in and all that crapola. But I really think I need? A smaller camera that I can fit into my pocket for parties, concerts, and other times where I need to take a few pictures, but not run the risk of dropping my big camera onto the ground and watching it bash into a million little pieces.

Now that I’m done blabbing about the awesomeness of my weekend, I’m going to retire to my pajamas, some Desperate Housewives action, and a good night’s sleep.

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