monday = lists. always.

  • Shaquille and Kobe both had daughters on the same day. How cute.
  • My softball games start on Thursday. Oddly enough, this year, I’d rather just go to the gym instead of stand around kicking dirt for an hour.
  • WordPress makes it so easy for me to change themes, but because I don’t understand PHP fully, it makes it hard for me to truly customize things exactly how I want.
  • PHP and Astrology – those will be the next books I buy. I need some type of reading material here since I let my subscription to People run out last week.
  • This 84 hours of straight rain is killing me. All I want to do is sleep sleep sleep.
  • This bulletpoint is for local people only – Please keep the evening of May 20th open. We’re having a fundraising BBQ at my place. It’ll be the best ever. And boob-related, no doubt.


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