gym pressure

Hey, guess who did everything on her Sunday-to-do-list? Yeah, me.

Tomorrow is May 1, as you probably know, but it’s also the day that I have to go to the gym 8 times a month in order to save $20/month through my health insurance on my gym membership. Why, yes, I do enjoy extra prepositional phrases.

Eight times a month is only twice a week, but of course knowing that I’m required to be there will be even more awesome than it is now when I just convince myself that I’m required to be there.

In April, I went to the gym 10 times. That’s actually disappointing! Instead of posting all of my workouts here, like I had been, I switched over to recording it on a special little Google Calendar. It’s cute that way and also easier for me to track.

You know, just in case you thought I was slacking in the workout department and all.

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  1. Hey cool! I like the new layout — love the colors, fonts, everything! Even the places where there is a little random foreign language? Everyone loves some random foreign language sprinkled here and there. :)

  2. hey, i’m working on the foreign language stuff. i wanted it to be an educational experience for everyone, of course! ;)

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