The Twin Cities has apparently lost its sense of humor.

Each year, City Pages puts together a compilation of the Twin Cities “Best Of”.  They pick the Cities’ best pizza, best radio show, best strip club, you name it. There was a little brouha with this year’s Best Cheap Thrill: crystal meth.

Attention Idiots: It was a joke.

The editor had to go in and explain to all of the crybabies that sent in complains via email or comments on the site that there’s a little thing called satire.  And then came the apology.

I don’t read newspapers anymore, with the exception of The Sedalia Democrat’s obituaries, so you can imagine my disappointment when the one source of information I do count on to be a little edgy has to apologize for essentially crossing the line.

City Pages has ads in their weekly publication for pregnant strippers that will come to your house. A crack (no pun intended) about some ice surely isn’t the worst thing that’s ever been published.

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