a midweek list

It seems like I don’t get as much as time as I would like to collect my thoughts and share them with you in anything more than a list format. If one of you could add about two more hours in the day, then I could probably swing it!

  • American Idol results from last night? Awesome. It was my most favorite results show to date, and now I don’t dread watching next week’s as much.
  • What’s really annoying is that my fingernails get so dirty every day. I clean them and all, but I don’t even know how it happens. I quit playing in the dirty WEEKS ago.
  • My dog was for sale last night. But we made up and now he’s off the market.
  • Once again, I’m wicked behind on laundry. This seems to be a recurring instance in my life. I think the only solution to my laundry woes is an unlimited clothing budget. I would be much more content buying new polo shirts and khaki pants (I LOVE BUSINESS CASUAL!) every week as opposed to actually washing them.
  • I missed Easter with the family and I’m also missing Mother’s Day this year. Memorial Day is the next scheduled trip to the homeland. The mode of transportation has yet to be decided, but I really wish Riley was one of those trained dogs that could ride on the airplane with me. It would make my decision a lot easier.

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