elliott yamin a.i. stuff

I was trying to find out what songs the Idol contestants were singing tonight, but instead, I ran into a bunch of other crap. I tell ya. The internet is AWESOME. You should definitely get it if you don’t have it yet!

Prince won’t be on American Idol anytime soon, which is kind of disappointing. I know Elliott was going to sing Pussy Control. He’s probably the only one left, besides Paris, that could pull of a Prince song. The thought of Taylor convulsing to Little Red Corvette or Pickler twanging to 1999 almost makes me throw up.

Media outlets all over are making note on Elliott’s improved appearance:

Meanwhile, the “Amish Leprechaun” as he was labeled elsewhere, is now sporting a fashionable goatee and has let his hair grow ever-so-slightly longer. Here’s a look back at highlights of the singer, his wardrobe, and his changing facial hair. [link]

An Amish Leprechaun? C’mon now. Is it really that bad?

With the contestants singing the great American puke love songs tonight, I really don’t have any guesses on who’s singing what. I’ll just be so pleasantly and happily surprised.