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  • Boobylicious Gear is now available for all that are interested! Proceeds will be donated to our team’s efforts on The 3 Day. Like you couldn’t have figured that out on your own.
  • Because we needed to talk about everything that happened during Bowling for Boobs, we walked 8.82 miles yesterday. I’m thinking it was closer to 9, because we did things like walk through a gas station looking for water and bathrooms.
  • Pictures AND captions from Bowling for Boobs can be found right here. It makes me want to start a 3 Day Photo Album. And it also makes fundraising look like SO MUCH FUN.
  • Every single time I’ve typed boobs over the past week or so, i’ve accidentally typed boogs. I can’t explain that.
  • My knuckle tattoos are still slightly visible. Sharpie doesn’t wash off very well if you don’t scrub it right away.


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