i’ve gone a bit too far


My dog has a photo shoot in May. A real one.

Through his profile on Dogster.com, a local Twin Cities photographer found his pictures and sent me an email a couple of months ago. I just got around to reading/answering it.

She’s putting together a book of some of her best pet photographs. While she already has hundreds to choose from, she said she wanted to get a few more options, which is why she wants to throw Riley in the mix. If some of his turn out, then he’ll wind up in the book.

It’s free. I get a CD of some of the pictures she takes. And he gets the chance to be in a book. It’s a win-win-win situation.

And, yeah, it’s super hilarious in that extremely dorky, almost embarassing kind of way.

Yeah, I know this is all a little much and extremely overboard coming from a girl that was frightened for her life at dogs until about 9 months ago. I figure since I don’t have kids, this is my beauty pageant/dance recital/t-ball game stuff all rolled into one four-legged gay little puppy. And he doesn’t talk back.


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