class numero uno

Puppy class started Tuesday night. Since it was the first night, there were no puppies, just people.

I can’t take classes for a reason. That reason? I get too involved in the people in my class. I look at them, I listen to them, and then I analyze and critique them until I’ve completely tuned out everything else in the class. And if I’m not doing that, I’m falling asleep, which is a whole different post.

My class will have six dogs in it; three that are boxers. I’m already in love with the guy that has the 5-month old boxer named Bruno. I haven’t even met his dog, so our relationship can’t be that solid yet, but this is the second time he’s taken the class. And he’s only had the dog for three months. If that doesn’t scream commitment, I don’t know what does. It also screams adorable, because what guy with a 5-month old puppy isn’t adorable?

I’m scared of the very tiny lady that has a 120-pound lab/St. Bernard mix, because the very first question she asked the trainer was, “Dexter doesn’t like dogs. Do you think that will be a problem?” It is a problem for me, so I will not be sitting by her next week, that is for sure.

Naturally, I have high expectations for my dog. He comes from a brilliant home, so why wouldn’t I? We’ve also been practicing and can already do sit, shake, down, and hug. Yes, I taught my dog to hug. There is absolutely nothing wrong with that, thankyouverymuch.

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  1. […] We did sit, which Riley does via hand signal. We did lay down, which Riley also does via hand signal. In short, he knows how to do everything we went over in class last night. It’s just hard for him to focus when there are new dogs around that he would like to hump. Bruno the 5-month old boxer was there and unbelievably adorable. As was his owner. It makes me sad that Riley wasn’t hanging around with me 24/7 at that age. Bruno was a biter and a jumper, though, so I feel really lucky that Riley never bites unless he’s seriously antagonized. […]

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