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Due to Night #1 of Puppy Obedience Class, I had to Tivo American Idol and watch it later. And due to my extreme disinterest in pretty much everything Rod Stewart related, I fast forwarded through much of the show.

That’s right, I’m the most unreliable American Idol review blogger ON THE WEB.

Ace Young: Please never grease your hair back like that again. You look like a rejected mob boss and your sideways mouth is still creeping me out, even in a nice suit. Go back to what you do best. Not singing and looking pretty with your skull cap and sleeveless shirt. The performance is okay. I guess because of weeks in the past when he’s done far less than okay, I don’t really expect much from him. So, I was pleasantly surprised.

Chris Daughtry: Louie Armstrong does the best version of this song ever. Chris looks like a blacksmith right out of the barn, but he can change my horseshoes anytime. I thought he did a great job. He jumped out of the rocker box for a night and he did it at the right time. It was an excellent and sincere performance.

Elliott Yamin: He starts off the song in typical sleezy Rod Stewart style, and then really does a good job. Elliott has so much soul in his voice and I wish people would look past his big ears and goofy grin to vote for him. Clay Aiken had big ears and a goofy grin! C’mon, people! I wish he would show a little more personality, but, regardless, his performance as on as usual.

Katharine McPhee: I guess she does a good job. I feel like I say the same thing every week for her. Magnificient voice. Great stage presence. But then I forget about her 10 minutes later.

Kellie Stupid Idiot Stop Talking Pickler: I’m pretty much done with her. I was also done with her three weeks ago. The beginning of the song sounded out nice, until she started pouting while she was singing and then I threw up in my mouth and fast forwarded it. Her insecurity might bite her in the ass on this one.

Paris Bennett: She’s so classy and the song she picked is perfect for her. She’s not my favorite, but she really hit her mark during Rod Stewart night. She’s an adorable kid with a voice that’s about 20 years older than her. The type of song she sang Tuesday night is exactly the type of album she should make.

Taylor Hicks: I’m glad he’s happy about SNL making fun of him Saturday night. To go from an Average Joe to a joke on SNL really has to say you’ve made it, no? He’s found a song that puts him right back into his personality and it’s perfect. I thought the beginning of the song was just an average performance, but he really brought it home (LAME, I KNOW) at the end. Soul Patrol!

Bottom three tonight based on opinions NOT my own: Elliott, Kellie, and Ace. I think Ace is on his way out just based on his past performances. One somewhat decent performance can’t make up for the crap that he’s done in the past. I still haven’t forgiven him for the Drops of Jupiter performance that required him to SHOW HIS SCAR.


  1. bk

    I have basically the exact reactions you did.

    I was wondering how Ace was going to show us his scar this week.. wearing a suit and all.

    I had a compromising dream about Taylor this week so now I can’t help but feel like I have a weird connection to him now.. like I had met him in a bar.. went home with him and now I’m wondering “now what!” is he gonna call.. is this the end of it!!.. I don’t know. wish I would have seen the snl skit though..

    I don’t know how Chris got in the bottom three.. but I’m SO glad he did something different this week!

    Elliot seems like such a nice guy.. it’s just too bad he looks like “goat boy.”

    katherine is forgetable.. I don’t know why.. she has the looks and the voice.

    kelly.. I can’t connect w/ a singer THAT dense.

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