choo choo choo

Tonight is How to Drive a Steam Locomotive class.

wendy: SHIT.
wendy: what if they ask W HY we’re taking the class?
wendy: I HATE CLASS.
wendy: this is why i drop out of school all the time! i can’t handle the pressure of introducing myself to the class!
jenni: well, now’s your chance to come up with an answer
jenni: i’m gonna say “i love a nice caboose”
wendy: i’m just going to be honest.
wendy: and tell them i’m going ot steal a steam engine.
jenni: DO IT
jenni: i’m gonna say ‘because it’s fucking awesome, duh.’

I’ve waited a month for this class. I can’t wait to start fires and lubricate things.

Stay tuned for details on our How to Drive a Steam Locomotive class graduation party.

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