i love the fuzzy idol

Survivor time! Did you know that even before the show starts, I can fast forward my Tivo for 6 minutes and THEN the show actually begins? I think it’s the exact same on The Apprentice, which I also watch. This is another reason I kinda love Mark Burnett and would have his reality TV show babies if he asked nicely enough.

With Austin voted out last week, all of us really smart viewers/fans know from the beginning of the show that Sally’s going to have to win immunity or convince Terry to give her the Idol he found on Exile Island. And really, would Terry do that? I’m thinking not. He’s too competitive and too hard working to just give something up like that, even if Sally is his last remaining hope of an alliance.

I’m never a fan of the video from home reward challenge. So, to have to listen to Shane sob about his son and then watch him back at camp exposing his frank and beans to the only nurse in the tribe, it kinda made me throw up in my mouth a little bit. I’m just glad to know it was chafing and not something like crabs he’d caught around the camp. Although, that would have made for a most excellent storyline.

Terry has a dog named Riley. This clearly explains why he is SO AWESOME, never mind the fact that he wins every challenge there is. You can’t help but respect that, even if he is becoming a little cocky. I can’t wait until the first week he doesn’t win immunity, but at this point, do we even really know when that will be?

I don’t blame Terry for not giving up the idol to Sally. I didn’t figure he had it in him to do it, but sometimes I get surprised by the outcomes on this show. Tonight, not so much.

So, Sally is gone and that’s too bad. Next week’s previews show Shane blowing up at the same girls he’s been blowing up at for the past every single episode we’ve watched. My favorite part comes across the screen when the cameraman slowly pans over to Terry and we see him with a huge grin on his face.

Oh, Survivor. I think you will always be my first true love in reality TV.


  1. Brent

    Acutally The Apprentice adds some new shots into the recap. I found this out on accident. Now I watch the “previously on Apprentice”

  2. I don’t blame Terry for not giving up the Hidden Idol — Sally’s going-away speech at the end summed it up nicely.

    I’m GLAD Terry is becoming cocky! I was so pissed at Danielle at Tribal Council when she complained about Terry being “cocky” — at least Terry has a REASON to be cocky and he has mad skillz to back up his cockiness!

    Danielle is cocky simply because she belongs to her worthless alliance of six — she hasn’t won any challenges and does nothing but sit on her ass and bitch and moan.

    Yes, next week’s previews made me laugh — the six are all fighting, and Terry is just laughing his ass off! :) Glad someone from that six is going home next week, guaranteed! And they will probably vote out a “strong” former Casaya player (Aras), meaning that Terry’s job of winning immunity will just get easier week by week!

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