class of ’96

I graduated from Smith-Cotton High School in 1996. Um, go Tigers, or something. It’s to no surprise that nobody has started planning our 10 year reunion that should be taking place this summer/fall. I could have a jolly time right now mentioning all the names that I would love to make fun of, but Google picks those things up and that’d be bad. We’ll wait until after the reunion.

Thanks to the wonders of, I’ve connected with a few old classmates, which has been kinda fun. And, as it turns out, we’ll be planning the 10 year reunion! Yes, laughing may begin riiiiiight now.

We had a five year reunion at the VFW in Sedalia, where my high school guidance counselor was in charge of the beer cups. I think giving her a $5 bill and taking a plastic cup from her was a more fulfilling experience then taking my diploma from her during graduation. I still don’t forgive her for making me take Chemistry in high school when I really didn’t have to. Becoming intoxicated and humping large blue mailboxes was my little tribute to her that evening.

I’ve spent the morning trading emails back and forth with Angie, one of my oldest friends from home. We met in 1st grade. She broke her arm and I had to hold her desk open for her. How cute is that? You wouldn’t think it was so cute if I told you that we were making fun of all of our former classmates in the worst way possible right now.

But she’s going to help plan this badass reunion, too, so that should make it even more fun!


  1. OMG…that’s too funny! Well at least real people will be planning it. My 10yr was planned by some company and from what I heard, it sucked ass. Yeah, I ditched my 10yr.

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