ai: queen night

Queen is the featured artist on AI tonight. This, of course, coincides with the tour they’re about to start, or maybe have already started.

I don’t know how accurate the rest of the information on this post is, but I figured I’d post it anyway. The contestants and their song choices are listed below. I’ve given my thoughts on each of them, but we’ll see how accurate it is come show time.

Don’t click on “Read rest of this entry” if you don’t want to know some possible show-spoiling information.

  • Ace Young, We Will Rock You: Easy song; everyone knows it. If he screws it up, he will very likely find himself in the bottom three again. Because it’s such a well-known song, his ticket home could be in the works.

  • Bucky Covington, Fat Bottomed Girls: Yeah, remember last week when I said someone better sing this song? I was not hoping that someone would be Bucky. But I still think it’s awesome he’s singing it.

  • Chris Daughtry, Innuendo: Queen has apparently never performed this song live, according to the article. I can’t even remember ever hearing it on my Queen’s Greatest Hits CD. I’m sure he’ll be awesome, though, because he is ALWAYS AWESOME.

  • Elliott Yamin, Somebody to Love: I can’t say I know this song either, but if he needs someone to love, I will gladly volunteer.

  • Katharine McPhee, Who Wants to Live Forever: I’m afraid she’ll be the same every week – awesome during the performance, and then I’ll forget about her.

  • Kellie Pickler, Bohemian Rhapsody: Fuckin’ Kellie Pickler. If she really sings this song, I’m going to be upset. It’s an awesome song, and for someone to butcher such a classic, it would be horrible. Maybe she won’t screw it up, but for a girl with a twang like hers to sing this song, I can’t see how it will be good.
  • Paris Bennett, The Show Must Go On: She’s on thin ice this week, I think. I’ve never heard of this song.
  • Taylor Hicks, Crazy Little Thing Called Love: PERFECT song for Taylor. He can have a blast with it and get back into his groove of song choice, unlike last week.


  1. I can’t see Ace doing very well with “We Will Rock You”. His voice is too high. He’d fare well with “Another One Bites the Dust”.

    I might have to change my dislike of Bucky if he does “Fat Bottom Girls”, although I’ll personally hurt him if he screws it up. I think he can pull it off, though.

    I know I’ve heard “Innuendo”, but I can’t remember what it sounds like. I know with Chris doing it, it’ll sound like some crap by Creed or Nickleback.

    Elliot will be fanfuckingtabulous with “Somebody to Love”. Perfect for his voice and style. Actually, Ace could pull that off, too.

    Katharine. Yawn.

    If Kellie does “Bohemian Rhapsody”, I swear I’ll shoot my TV.

    “The Show Must Go On” was Freddie Mercury’s last recording, made when he was really, really sick. It’s a good, powerful song and Paris can handle it.

    Taylor? I love you, Taylor. I want to have your babies. Please, please undo the terrible things that this season’s “crooner” David did to “Crazy Little Thing Called Love”. Thank you.

  2. You don’t know “Somebody to Love”? Do you remember a few years back when they had that big Freddie Mercury tribute concert and George Michael did a song with Queen? That was the song. I’m not sure how I feel about Elliott doing it, but we’ll see.

    I hate Pickler, but it would be appropriate for her to continue with the massacre of “Bohemian Rhapsody”. ConstantSuck did such a good job of beginning the massacre last season, after all…

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