no worries, i didn’t quit.


18 minutes on recumbent bike – 4.42 miles/14.73 mph

  • done on level 6 keeping 95+ rpm


65lbs – 10x; 75lbs – 8x; 70lbs – 8x, 8x

Bent over rows
65lbs – 10x; 75lbs – 8x, 8x

Military Press (bench)
45lbs – 8x, 8x; 25lbs – 10x, 10x*
Curls (machine)
45lbs – 10x; 35lbs – 8x, 8x, 8x

Pectoral Fly
15lbs – 10x; 25lbs – 8x, 8x

The military presses were done with just bars. It’s a very awkward lift when you’re not doing it with adjustable dumbbells. The ones with the 25lbs bar were done behind my head. Yes, I was showing off. Sometimes you have to do that when you’re getting ready for the GUN SHOW.

At some point yesterday afternoon, I pulled the holy hell out of my left latissimus dorsi. That’s the muscle right above your kidney. It hurts really bad today, and I’m completely skipping the gym tonight because of it. I have specific icing instructions from the Gym Buddy™, so we’re hoping I’ll be back in the saddle on the bike tomorrow night, at least for cardio.

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