So, a few of the Team Boobylicious girls and I did a little fundraiser thing tonight, where we stood in the skyways of downtown Minneapolis and begged people to buy truffled and/or pink wristbands. We didn’t really turn a huge profit, but we did make a huge connection.

The building we were in is going to be the home of the Twin Cities’ second location of Hooters. It just so happened that the owners (I think?) of this new restaurant and the other Hooters we have in my neck of the woods stopped by our booth. They’re donating some raffle prizes, with the possibility of even some help in raising money for such an amazing cause like The 3 Day. So very excited.

Hooters + Breast Cancer Awareness = HOW CAN YOU GO WRONG?

Also, thank you so much to Roni for throwing in the winning bid for the latest scarf knitted by The Cuz.

The 3 Day and the work I put into it is always rewarded so heavily by little gestures like this. Sometimes, I think I get more gratification out of it than I should. But in the end, boobies are being helped and that’s what’s important, right?