i’ve been fired for 100x less

WASHINGTON — A spokesman for the Homeland Security Department was put on unpaid leave today after being charged with preying on a child through online sexual conversations with an undercover detective who was posing as a 14-year-old girl. [link]

Really? Unpaid leave?

Dear Homeland Security:

He flaunted the fact that he was a Homeland Security official to the child he thought he was chatting with. Do I feel like my homeland is secure when the officials that are paid to protect it are busy cybersexxing it up over AIM with little girls? I’m gonna go with not so much. But unpaid leave? I’m thinking, you know, FIRE HIM? Just a suggestion.
Thanks for your protection,

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  1. “Sir, while you’re on leave for preying on children for depraved sexual purposes, we’re going to have to hold onto your Homeland Security access card and id. What’s that? Oh, no no no…you can hold onto your government issued mobile phone and laptop. But you have to PROMISE on a stack of Bible books that you won’t use them to engage in lascivious conversations with young children. You promise? Hmm? Mmkay, off you go, pumpkin.”

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