a few bullet pointed things

  • Please go vote for my friend Veronica. She’s the cool one from Chicago that is definitely the epitome of an amazing woman. Trust me on this one and just go vote for her.
  • My dog stats obedience school on the 18th. I’m excited for him.
  • Speaking of my dog, I was hanging out with my gym buddy and his girlfriend the other night. His girlfriend is less than 4 weeks away from becoming a full fledged veterinarian.  She said my dog is very smart and behaved very well around their cats and birds. She was shocked that he’s as young as he is. This makes me very happy.
  • Do you want to go shoot paintball next Thursday, the 13th? We’re making a private reservation in hopes of rounding up 16 people to go play at Splatball. It costs $30/person for two hours and includes the gun rental and some free ammo. There’s more information right here. If you want to go, please email me so we can make sure we get at least 16 people. It’s sure to be a TON of fun.

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