remember when he used to say ‘watch the hair’?


LOS ANGELES (Hollywood Reporter) – Following a successful guest stint this season,
John Stamos is set to join the cast of NBC’s “ER” as a regular in the fall.

YES! Uncle Jesse has a job!

I wish they would have a Full House reunion. Or even a Full House: The College Years. That kind of worked for Saved by the Bell, didn’t it? No? Not really?

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  1. see how it would be a PERFECT reunion show?

    The Facts of Life reunion was a real letdown because Jo wasn’t there, and she’s my favorite.

    And with a Full House reunion, just think of the storyline they could have with Mary-Kate and Ashley! They could either A) split screen time or B) Michelle could have been CLONED!

  2. Stephanie L.

    Wendy, you forgot: the Facts of Life reunion was also a letdown because George Clooney wasn’t there! :)

    Yeah, Candace Cameron totally has it together compared to her TV siblings…I do have to say, no Full House reunion would be complete, though, without KIMMY GIBLER!!

  3. Oh that is so freakin hot. When I heard he was guesting on there I fell in love with the idea. I caught an episode a few days ago where he had the shaggy, dry mullet. He was in the room that was decorated with bunnies.


    Uncle Jesse– Talk to me! (I tried to answer the phone like that but it totally didn’t have the same effect.)

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