hardcore ballin’

I’m wicked hardcore at the gym. I say that now, especially since I’ve been 7 out of the last 8 days, but I really feel like I need to go all the time. Which is good!


29 minutes on regular bike – 6.42 miles/13.28 mph
10 minutes of hardcore b-ballin’
1.5 miles in 30 min with dog (after w/o)


30lbs – 10x; 40lbs – 10x, 10x; 45lbs – 8x, 8x

Bench Press
65lbs – 10x, 8x, 8x; 75lbs – 6x

My right shoulder was bothering me a bit yesterday morning, but it had loosened up as the day went on, which meant it was a-okay for the gym. But my gym buddy still wants to take it easy. And I’m okay with that.

Tonight, it’s track work. This means I have to run. Not jog. Run. I might die tonight.

However, the basketball after my workout yesterday? TOTALLY WORTH IT. I hadn’t shot around forever, and it was actually a lot of fun.

Funny that I can shoot better left-handed now than I could when I was in high school and being forced to do left handed layups during practice over and over again.

I’m going to keep going to the gym, doing my weights, and playing ball afterwards. Then, I can try out for the Minnesota Lynx! Or maybe the Minnesota Vixen. Or maybe I’ll just continue my fantasy sports and leave the professional stuff to the, well, professionals.

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