cardio and cops

I only had to do cardio at the gym today. I guess that was my reward for going six out of seven days this week. Yes, even I amaze myself some days. They say 21 times of something turns it into a habit. That means I have 15 more workouts to go to test that theory.

I’ve been noticing, though, that I’m starting to plan my gym visits throughout the week. This morning, for instance, I was thinking that I have a conference call tomorrow at 6pm and plans for Thursday and Friday evenings. I’ve already been doing some creative scheduling to try to figure out how I’m only going to have one out-of-the-gym day next week. I’m such a gym rat.


50 min on recumbent bike – 10.87 miles/13.04 mph

This was actually kind of frustrating for me. On Tuesday, I was only on the bike for half the time and still managed to ride almost 7.5 miles and that was after some other cardio and weight work.

I watched NASCAR and COPS during my workout, though. Maybe I was too distracted by the rednecks, fast drivers, and domestic disputes to really concentrate on pushing myself.

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